Thursday, 8 December 2011

WOW.  That was a another mammoth day in the theatre putting the finishing touches to Robin Hood the Pantomime before our first audience assembles tomorrow night. Her are some pictures of our amazing band with Aunty Sarah at the helm.  She runs a very tight ship you know!!

Lots of good work was indeed done today and I think we may just be ready in time for the first show although it will be seat of the pants stuff come 7pm tomorrow.  I am very much looking forward to getting an audience in as is Martyn as so much of what we do relies heavily on getting a reaction from our wonderful Eastbourne punters. 

I took this picture of my amazing partner in crime Mr Knight whilst he heaved on the make up with a couple of heavy duty trowels and a cement mixer.  This is just the finishing touches to his fizzog.

Well Pantonians I will see you on the green as they say.  Which is fittingly apt for this sylvan story of ours.  TTFN

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