Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hooray we are open to the public.  Last night was one of the best openings I have had in panto.  Amazingly talented cast who are all lovely.  I know I am sorry but no gossip about actors tantrums I'm afraid.  There were a few hair raising moments but nothing major.  This will be a short one as have 2 more shows today.  Here are a couple of sneaky photos from stage wings and some shots of the props which you can't do panto without.  Thanks to Adam M and the gang for making them and making sure we go on with the right ones!!

This may need looking after by you all pantonians.

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts! OOER!!!

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  1. Fabulous panto tonight girls and guys just as always - the kids just adored it. Welcome back Carl we missed you last year. But please tell that naughty Sheriff of Nottingham to learn his lines and dance routines cos he looked like he had no idea what was going on at times. good luck for the rest of the shows.