Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Morning Pantonians.

Another 2 excellent shows on Sunday finished off a 5 show weekend and nearly finished me off too.  Very tired I was but thankfully had a nice day off yesterday and braved the awful weather to meet friends in Brighton for lunch and then a spot of Xmas shopping.  I might as well have done the show as I was soaked at the end of the day anyway!!!! 

 I have a radio interview today with Martyn Knight for Uckfield FM.  I will of course let you know if anything interesting happens during that.  Scary sore throat is raising it's head this morning but can't let it get me as have 10 shows to get through between now and Saturday night when I will collapse into a heap and not resurface until Boxing day.  I will go gargle in a bit that usually helps.  We really do have to just keep going when not feeling 100 percent as there is no back up or understudies.  Anyway not really feeling ill as such just an annoying cough.  Martyn and I swear by our daily vitamin boost and echinacea too.  It helps to keep your immune system up.  Right must dash and bathe and feed and then walk dog and then it will be time to head to the theatre.  Where does the time go??  TTFN  Oh! Here are some back stage pics of us as we prepare to go on stage thanks to our fabulous stage door man Mick Root.

Look out mum he's behind you

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