Saturday, 17 December 2011

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!  Just finished our first super Saturday as I call it.  3 shows in a day.  It was actually really enjoyable due to the fantastic audiences we had which made it go very quickly.  If you were in the audience today then thank you very much for making my job even more fun than normal.  We started off with an 11 o'clock kick off and finished with a 7pm with a 2.30 sandwiched in the middle.   It is such a quick turn around between the shows not only for the performers but mainly for our fantastic stage crew who have quite a lot to do drying the stage and re setting in very little time.  Hats off to you wonderful guys and gals in black.  The ninjas of Devonshire Park they are.  Also a big thanks to Shelley and Sam in wardrobe for getting all our costumes dry and washed on a day like today.  You are both amazing.  We had some interesting names for our friendly neighbourhood horse today with Petunia and Bob being my favourites.  My overall favourite is definitely Bullseye.  Have no clue what I am talking about?  Well then get yourself down to the theatre and you will in good time.

Right I really must go to bed as have two more shows tomorrow.  Maybe see you there.  Here are a couple more photos for your delectation.  TTFN

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