Thursday, 19 January 2012

Well that is that for another year!  This will be my final blog for the season.  (Hooray I hear you cry!!) Panto is complete, over and done with, run it's course, finished the season etc etc.  I have had the most wonderful time with an amazing team of people on stage and off and can not imagine working with a nicer and more professional bunch of people than those involved in making sure Eastbourne Pantomime is one of the best.  To all the staff at the Devonshire Park Theatre I extend a huge THANK YOU.  Without you we are nothing!!

Anyway the last show on Sunday was again a night to behold and many great things happened from Tracey Penn receiving several visits from some bloke calling himself Simple Simon who apparently was on his way to meet a pieman!!  Anyway he kept coming on with a huge cow and of course causeing mayhem.  He did however perform the most amazing tap dance at one point.  Many other fun things happened but to top it all our Nasty Sheriff had a visit from his dear old Ma.  Yes the legend that is June Brown made a cameo Star appearance towards the end and gave our John a bit of a shock.  Good luck to him on celebrity coach trip this week.  It was a thoroughly fantastic show to end with as always and who knows I may be back later on this year for what I know will be a smash hit production of Sleeping Beauty. Get your tickets booked early as the seats are selling already!!

Until the next time pantonians.  May 2012 bring happiness and good fortune your way.  TTFN

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Well we had 2 fabulous shows yesterday with really amazingly receptive audiences for both.  It is such a pleasure to perform when you sense that the audience are with you on every joke and every song.  It is as if we are all a wonderfully symbiotic creature living and breathing together as one.

The final day has arrived and I am about to rise from my bed and pack the remainder of my things into the car as immediately the show finishes I will be in the car and on the road back to London.  I have auditions Monday and Tuesday so fingers crossed for the next job.

There is not much else to say other than I am looking forward to the last show tonight.  BRING ON THE MAYHEM!!!! TTFN

Friday, 13 January 2012

Well Pantonians yesterday was a bumper panto day.  We had 2 lovely shows and then the amazing crew from Devonshire Park Theatres gave us their COD Panto.  The effort and precision with which they deliver their version of the show should be wholeheartedly applauded.  They have to have the best COD in the land.  Amazing performances from Adam M, Lou H, Luffer, Doug, Paul D, Adam B, Dan, Will, Victoria and the rest.  I have not laughed so much in ages and they were also raising money for the RNLI which is great.  Then we went to The Buccaneer and there was some rather inebriated Karaoke that ensued.  No names mentioned!!!!  All in all a really brilliant evening.  We just have the one show today and then it's off to Laser Quest.  The social calendar is really quite full this week for us pantoers.  This may well be my penultimate blog for this year as Sunday is our final show.  I will I am sure have things to tell about that but until then. TTFN

Monday, 9 January 2012

Well I can't believe we are about to commence the final week of panto.  Another fantastic week of shows last week with much hilarity during the shows when certain members of the company were delayed in their entrances or with remembering their lines!!!  This is surely due to the number of shows in a very short time and the tiredness of the brain.  Yesterday was a very special day for one of our cast the incredible David "Daisy" Alder who celebrated an amazing 45 years in the business.  He received a cake to celebrate and of course shared it around the company.

Here are a few more backstage photos courtesy of Mick Root one of our great keepers of the door.

Shelley our amazing costume designer and all round mistress of the wardrobe catching up on a few games of Words With Friends 
Somebody (Leah) is monkeying around in the corridor!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Well, we just had the one show yesterday and it was lovely.  A really good crowd in again.  After the show it was our quiz night at the Buccaneer and there was much hilarity and desperate dancing etc to win prizes.  Not by me of course!!!!  It was not really a quiz though as no brain cells were required in order to cross the relevant songs off your rock n roll bingo card.  Anyway I think we all had a good night, especially Tracey Penn who got 2 full houses on the trot. FIX!!!! 

This morning has started wonderfully well as I had a fantastic massage at City Holistic on Furness Road and being a fully qualified masseur myself I can highly recommend a trip to see Frank.  Really excellent hands he has and I feel relaxed and yet invigorated and ready for the 2 shows we have today. Must dash and have some breakfast for fuel.  TTFN

Thought you might like this little video of the wild wind and sea.  

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Hello Pantonains

Apologies for the lack of blogging this past week but it has been a busy one with 14 shows completed in the last 8 days!!!  It has been a very challenging but extremely enjoyable week.  Happy New Year to everyone and here is hoping that 2012 brings happiness to us all.

We had our staff bowling evening last week and that was an absolutely brilliant night and I am glad to say that myself and Martyn were on the winning team and this was mainly thanks to Adam S who scored a turkey with his last three balls and with Sarah Travis and Adam B and the amazing Jane White too we were triumphant.  Also the shows have been absolutely packed full and a big thanks to all our dedicated Eastbourne audiences who we could not do the show without.  Above are some more photos to browse and  again sorry for the lack of blogs but not a great deal has happened apart from many shows all of which have been great.  TTFN