Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well here we are finally in the theatre pantonians.  The most exciting bit.  It really is a beautiful moment of theatre when the band and the costumes and the lighting and sound and scenery and technical crew and the performers suddenly come together to form the basis for a show.  It is also a little knee knockingly scary too when you realise you only have three days until you have to do all the things you do in front of an audience!!!!

Ah! the concentration demanded to learn 20 songs in two hours!!!! 

Don't worry Tracy hasn't got gangrene she just has long  boots on!!

I have some pictures of our first moments in the theatre but sadly they wont download so they will hopefully follow tomorrow.   I have some lovely photos of rehearsals though kindly provided by our gorgeous princess Francesca.  So here they are.  Enjoy. Sorry there is not more witty stuff here but the 12 hour days are catching up with me. 

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