Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Well Pantonians we have reached the end of day three of rehearsals and it does somehow seem like we have been at it a lot longer than that.  I can reveal that today in rehearsals there were unfortunately a few spats occurred!!   But don't worry it was all in the name of giving you one of the most exciting pantos you will ever have seen.  Here are a couple of sneaky vids to wet your whistle with.

That Fella in the pink leggings is a bit fierce I wouldn't cross him!

And meanwhile in another part of the room an evil old temptress (now I know what you are thinking but Martyn Knight and his alter egos were nowhere to be found)  was tricking an innocent princess type into following her into the forest.  Well actually Francesca and Karen were rehearsing a scene.  I get a bit carried away sometimes and think it's all real.  Mind you come next Friday it will all be oh so real.

And finally a shot of our illustrious lord and master Mr Chris Jordan imparting some of his wise words to an actor struggling there way through a scene.  "Ok Dame Vera can we do that again only this time be better!!!"  TTFN

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Well another day, another few scenes blocked and many a tune tuned.  Aunty Sarah was particularly hard worked today trying to teach us all the big production numbers (and there are many) and especially one particular number which has about 723 key changes in it!!  Never fear we will get through it together!  Anyway it was still amazing fun and something I love doing especially all the intricate harmonies.  Some are more harmonic than others especially our monica.   Also often we are blocking scenes in one part of the complex and Sam our fabulous choreographer is drilling the dancers in another.  Check out this little video clip. 

 Also at the end of the day I came across Will and Victoria hoiking a large part of the set (see pic Below)  Check back tomorrow pantonians for more sneak pics and vids and hopefully more witty banter than I can at present manage.  TTFN

Ah!  The colour black what would the technical crews fashion advisors do without it!!
Victoria I can't
 get this door open.  Yes Will that is because it is painted on.  

Monday, 28 November 2011

One of the chuckle brothers takes time out from their busy schedule to help with the set.  To me, to you, to me, to you.  Oh never mind.  Dave!!! Put the kettle on.
Oh! What a Beautiful Morning Oh! what a beautiful Day I've got a fabulous feeling panto is coming your way.

The amazing making machine that is our wonderful seamstresses.   They can sew a seam but they never stresses.

Eventually This material will be the costumes you see on stage.  I think the red may be a bit of mine.

Pantonians!!  It has begun.  The first day of rehearsals arrived and 9 hours later it has finished.  My day started with the most beautiful streaming sunlight over the sea and ended with a chance encounter with the amazing Mr Paul Debreczany And lo and behold he was actually doing some heavy lifting.  Others heed his mastery of the flat carrying.  That's not a flat like what folk live in but a piece of scenery.  Anyway it was a really good day in the rehearsal room with a complete script for the first time which was great.  It was nice to find out how the pantomime ended and let me tell you it is gonna be a super smashing great finale.  I think you will be Proud of the Mary men and all others too of course.  We sang through the final number with Aunty Sarah and let me just say she is a wonderful replacement for Uncle Rob who is off helping the unfortunate financial situation in Grease apparently.  Although I did here tell he was off on the crusades making himself useful as a battering ram!!!  Anyway it has been a long old day and a few more to come this week so I am off to partake of some sustenance and perhaps a glass or two of the local waters.  BFN 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Well just a few hours until we commence rehearsals for Robin Hood and already preparations have begun at the theatre for the set to go in. That's my special light in the centre I think.  Here are a few sneaky peaks of the theatre and of the wonderful crew doing what they do best.  Yes that's right folks drinking tea!!!  Do some work we only have 12 days until we open.  Oh no I have said it out load.  I feel a bit queazy pass the bucket.  (Suddenly I am reminded of Beauty and the Beast)  More to follow tomorrow  of our first day actually trying to get this Robin Hood on it's feet and running.  BFN

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dearest Pantonians

One week from now I will be tucked up in my little flat in Eastbourne probably awaiting the results of Saturday nights X Factor (get rid of Janet she is so boring!!) and also being even more excited than I already am at the prospect of starting rehearsals and meeting the rest of the cast over a custard cream and a bourbon the next day.  Hurry up time!!  Not that I am wishing my life away but just can't wait to get started.  Oh and just to reiterate any one seen my script? Chris? Anyone? One week to go and still no sign of it.  It is proving more elusive than Rainbow coloured paint and Unicorn tears!!! 

Check back soon.  Oh! and do feel free to comment as it will make me feel less like I am talking to myself in the cyber space. xx

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Hello Pantonians

Pantonians a new word I just made up (a bit like the script for the panto) and I think this more than sums up those who each year round the festive season head to their local theatre for a dose of music, dancing and mayhem.  This year at the finest panto in all the land, namely EASTBOURNE, we are performing Robin Hood.  Not a familiar title to some but packed full of all the usual brilliant and entertaining stuff which year on year packs in the fantastic punters or as I like to name them now Pantonians.

I am so excited to be back performing in Eastbourne this year which will be my 5th year.  Anyway I bring news of exciting things and despite the recession a whole host of visually stunning set-pieces this year.  

We start rehearsals on November 28th but this Tuesday Martyn Knight and myself went out to Hailsham and mounted our respective steeds for a bit of comedy filming, which will of course feature in the show at various points. What may not feature is the look of sheer panic on Martyn's face when it was revealed he would be riding the ex racehorse called Wally and it was suggested he did not point Wally towards anything vaguely fence-like or he may mistake it for Beeches Brook and bolt in it's general direction.  Thanks to the wonderful Holly who was there to help we avoided any traumas.  

I was riding a slightly smaller mount called Milly who was an absolute star.  During one of the shots a decidedly dodgy looking fellow dressed like a traffic warden walked into shot and had to be forcibly removed despite his protestations "did we know who he was" and "he would get his revenge for this outrageous behaviour"  said his name was Jordan or something!!  Anyhoo I have posted a couple of photos for your delectation.  This is just a little teaser of what is to come in OMG it's only 4 weeks until we open!!  Ah! Better trot off and get learning my script.  Chris, have you seen my script?  Anyone? A script? No?  All right then I'll just have to make it up as I go along!  Nothing new there then.  See you all in a few weeks and check back during rehearsals for more updates on how things are going. 


Carl Patrick 

Martyn looking nice and relaxed before we enter the stables and discover which horse we are riding.

Martyn looking a little tense in the mouth as he is introduced to Wally.

Martyn giving Wally a mint to try and bond with him and gain his trust.

Me and Milly.  Yes those are tights but I only ever wear them on Tuesdays and at xmas!!