Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good (insert relevant time of day here) Pantonians.  

Well my day started with a walk along the sea front with my gorgeous dog and this amazing sky greeted us as we approached. 

 It was another incredibly full day at The Devonshire Park Theatre frantically trying to reach the finishing post that is the end of technical rehearsals.  As I think I have mentioned before, this production of Robin Hood is really ambitious in the amount we try to cram in and the time we have to make it all gel together into the well oiled creation you witness.  

Here is Aunty Sarah with our fantastic juvenile dancers doing some last minute harmony practice.

And here are some of the cast lounging in the stalls whilst we pause until a certain lighting state is fixed or more likely until Paul D and his band of MIB's (that is Men In Black) (although it is actually MAWIB's as in men and women in black but that didn't seem quite so funny!!) Come back from a well earned tea break.  Earl Grey and digestives are all the rage in the crew room I hear.  

And I was wandering around backstage and caught a glimpse of a truly legendary icon of the theatre.  Yes that's right here is a snap of the one and only Dame Vera Vague.  We bow down to your greatness.  

Who knows what stars we may come across tomorrow?  Good night all. 

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