Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another day another 2 shows done.  It went really quickly today and was most enjoyable.  The horse was named Bullseye again this afternoon and then Snowflake tonight which I thought was nice and seasonal.  Martyn had a very flirty punter tonight called Adrian and there was much shenanigans between the 2 of them.  At one point I swear I saw him blush!!  Even through the make-up.  We have some lovely children who come and join us each show also and they are usually quite entertaining to boot.  Especially when asked what they want for Xmas and they say something neither myself nor Martyn has any idea about.  Tonight it was a finger scooter but I did know what it was as I had been instructed to buy one but everywhere is sold out!!  I may have to get on eBay.  

Below are a couple more photos for you and hope to see you at the Theatre soon if you have not been already.  Also check out our fab review on Whatsonstage at this address  

Well it's time to put my feet up and have a well earned rest. TTFN

Come on Bullseye!! 
Our fabulous dancing boys Adam and Ross

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