Saturday, 24 December 2011

Well Pantonians

That's it until after xmas now.  Shows have been great and audiences have been great too and a special mention to Isabel who came on stage last night and made Martyn nearly wee himself laughing.  She was so excited to be on stage and was just great.  Anyway this will be a short one as I am going out for a well earned glass of sparkle and a lovely meal too with some of the cast and my parents.  

Whatever you do tomorrow may you feel love and joy.

Dame Desdemona Doubletop as the spirit of Christmas Present.  VODKA!!! 
You look well shifty in this Luffer.  Where are you going with that bench?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Another day another 2 shows done.  It went really quickly today and was most enjoyable.  The horse was named Bullseye again this afternoon and then Snowflake tonight which I thought was nice and seasonal.  Martyn had a very flirty punter tonight called Adrian and there was much shenanigans between the 2 of them.  At one point I swear I saw him blush!!  Even through the make-up.  We have some lovely children who come and join us each show also and they are usually quite entertaining to boot.  Especially when asked what they want for Xmas and they say something neither myself nor Martyn has any idea about.  Tonight it was a finger scooter but I did know what it was as I had been instructed to buy one but everywhere is sold out!!  I may have to get on eBay.  

Below are a couple more photos for you and hope to see you at the Theatre soon if you have not been already.  Also check out our fab review on Whatsonstage at this address  

Well it's time to put my feet up and have a well earned rest. TTFN

Come on Bullseye!! 
Our fabulous dancing boys Adam and Ross

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

2 more shows bit the dust today and they could not have been more different really.  There was a slightly subdued crowd in this afternoon and a raucous up for it bunch in this evening.  I think panto is one of those styles of theatre that very much feeds off an audiences energy and vice versa.  Many tiny slips of the tongue and delayed brain moments from the cast tonight made for an even more riotous evening.  I must just thank our wonderful Eastbourne audiences as it really is an absolute pleasure performing to such a knowledgeable crowd.  Radio interview was good so listen out for that on Uckfield FM.  

Short and sweet tonight I am afraid as have to get up early tomorrow to get to Waitrose to try and beat the Xmas shopping madness. Her are a few more photos.  TTFN

Morning Pantonians.

Another 2 excellent shows on Sunday finished off a 5 show weekend and nearly finished me off too.  Very tired I was but thankfully had a nice day off yesterday and braved the awful weather to meet friends in Brighton for lunch and then a spot of Xmas shopping.  I might as well have done the show as I was soaked at the end of the day anyway!!!! 

 I have a radio interview today with Martyn Knight for Uckfield FM.  I will of course let you know if anything interesting happens during that.  Scary sore throat is raising it's head this morning but can't let it get me as have 10 shows to get through between now and Saturday night when I will collapse into a heap and not resurface until Boxing day.  I will go gargle in a bit that usually helps.  We really do have to just keep going when not feeling 100 percent as there is no back up or understudies.  Anyway not really feeling ill as such just an annoying cough.  Martyn and I swear by our daily vitamin boost and echinacea too.  It helps to keep your immune system up.  Right must dash and bathe and feed and then walk dog and then it will be time to head to the theatre.  Where does the time go??  TTFN  Oh! Here are some back stage pics of us as we prepare to go on stage thanks to our fabulous stage door man Mick Root.

Look out mum he's behind you

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Oh Boy Oh Boy Oh Boy!  Just finished our first super Saturday as I call it.  3 shows in a day.  It was actually really enjoyable due to the fantastic audiences we had which made it go very quickly.  If you were in the audience today then thank you very much for making my job even more fun than normal.  We started off with an 11 o'clock kick off and finished with a 7pm with a 2.30 sandwiched in the middle.   It is such a quick turn around between the shows not only for the performers but mainly for our fantastic stage crew who have quite a lot to do drying the stage and re setting in very little time.  Hats off to you wonderful guys and gals in black.  The ninjas of Devonshire Park they are.  Also a big thanks to Shelley and Sam in wardrobe for getting all our costumes dry and washed on a day like today.  You are both amazing.  We had some interesting names for our friendly neighbourhood horse today with Petunia and Bob being my favourites.  My overall favourite is definitely Bullseye.  Have no clue what I am talking about?  Well then get yourself down to the theatre and you will in good time.

Right I really must go to bed as have two more shows tomorrow.  Maybe see you there.  Here are a couple more photos for your delectation.  TTFN

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Well pantonians another two fantastically received shows are ticked off from yesterday.  The show goes so quickly for me as I barely have a moment of rest.  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining I absolutely love it.  I must just give a very special mention to the fantastic front of house team at the Devonshire Park.  They are all amazing and do a fabulous job out there in the dark recesses  of the upper and dress circles.  Especially in between shows when they are busy clearing up all the empty sweet packets and ice cream cartons.

 The show seems to be bedding in quite nicely now and Martyn and I are starting to find our little moments of improvising around the script when things are not as they are supposed to be. So come along and check it out as I promise you will see a unique performance!  2 more shows today and a bit of a party afterwards too.  What a privileged life I lead.  TTFN 

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Yesterday's shows were fabulous.  In the afternoon we had mainly schools parties which were just lovely especially when they sang along to The Lazy Song with me at the beginning of Act II.  Also they were totally committed to the shouting out of course.  Then in the evening it was a more adult audience and our official press night (be gentle with us) and also we had the Friends of Devonshire Park Theatre in who know what to expect and yet still laugh uproariously.  The friends also very kindly laid on some food and drink after the show. The show is starting to bed in now and I am having the time of my life.  If you liked the show then please spread the word as I really think this year we have excelled ourselves.  Well Have to dash as have to go and do show number 2 for today.  TTFN(TA TA FOR NOW!!)

Martyn and Adam horsing around!!

Time for Bed. No it's time to start Act II 

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Apologies for not posting on Sunday night but was absolutely shattered after an extremely long week.  Sunday nights show was particularly hilarious as James Luff or Luffer to his friends took a cue in the haunted bedroom scene a little too early and of course this led to much improvised hilarity between Martyn Knight and myself.  I really love it when things go slightly awry as I get to switch into naughty Carl mode and really send people up.  It is also such a rare thing to find a fellow performer who you trust implicitly in these situations and for me that is Martyn. Anyway I have to shoot for now as have another 2 shows today.  TTFN

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Hooray we are open to the public.  Last night was one of the best openings I have had in panto.  Amazingly talented cast who are all lovely.  I know I am sorry but no gossip about actors tantrums I'm afraid.  There were a few hair raising moments but nothing major.  This will be a short one as have 2 more shows today.  Here are a couple of sneaky photos from stage wings and some shots of the props which you can't do panto without.  Thanks to Adam M and the gang for making them and making sure we go on with the right ones!!

This may need looking after by you all pantonians.

We've got a lovely bunch of coconuts! OOER!!!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

WOW.  That was a another mammoth day in the theatre putting the finishing touches to Robin Hood the Pantomime before our first audience assembles tomorrow night. Her are some pictures of our amazing band with Aunty Sarah at the helm.  She runs a very tight ship you know!!

Lots of good work was indeed done today and I think we may just be ready in time for the first show although it will be seat of the pants stuff come 7pm tomorrow.  I am very much looking forward to getting an audience in as is Martyn as so much of what we do relies heavily on getting a reaction from our wonderful Eastbourne punters. 

I took this picture of my amazing partner in crime Mr Knight whilst he heaved on the make up with a couple of heavy duty trowels and a cement mixer.  This is just the finishing touches to his fizzog.

Well Pantonians I will see you on the green as they say.  Which is fittingly apt for this sylvan story of ours.  TTFN

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Good (insert relevant time of day here) Pantonians.  

Well my day started with a walk along the sea front with my gorgeous dog and this amazing sky greeted us as we approached. 

 It was another incredibly full day at The Devonshire Park Theatre frantically trying to reach the finishing post that is the end of technical rehearsals.  As I think I have mentioned before, this production of Robin Hood is really ambitious in the amount we try to cram in and the time we have to make it all gel together into the well oiled creation you witness.  

Here is Aunty Sarah with our fantastic juvenile dancers doing some last minute harmony practice.

And here are some of the cast lounging in the stalls whilst we pause until a certain lighting state is fixed or more likely until Paul D and his band of MIB's (that is Men In Black) (although it is actually MAWIB's as in men and women in black but that didn't seem quite so funny!!) Come back from a well earned tea break.  Earl Grey and digestives are all the rage in the crew room I hear.  

And I was wandering around backstage and caught a glimpse of a truly legendary icon of the theatre.  Yes that's right here is a snap of the one and only Dame Vera Vague.  We bow down to your greatness.  

Who knows what stars we may come across tomorrow?  Good night all. 

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well here we are finally in the theatre pantonians.  The most exciting bit.  It really is a beautiful moment of theatre when the band and the costumes and the lighting and sound and scenery and technical crew and the performers suddenly come together to form the basis for a show.  It is also a little knee knockingly scary too when you realise you only have three days until you have to do all the things you do in front of an audience!!!!

Ah! the concentration demanded to learn 20 songs in two hours!!!! 

Don't worry Tracy hasn't got gangrene she just has long  boots on!!

I have some pictures of our first moments in the theatre but sadly they wont download so they will hopefully follow tomorrow.   I have some lovely photos of rehearsals though kindly provided by our gorgeous princess Francesca.  So here they are.  Enjoy. Sorry there is not more witty stuff here but the 12 hour days are catching up with me. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Well That was a really long day.  We are starting to see the show take shape now.  All the elements of dance, singing and comedy etc are coming together.  If only they would stay in my head!!!  Only one picture today sadly as I was so busy. Anyway here it is.

The three not so wise monkeys desperately trying to learn lines and the order of things.  Good luck fellas! You're gonna need it!!! TTFA