Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Well Pantonians we have reached the end of day three of rehearsals and it does somehow seem like we have been at it a lot longer than that.  I can reveal that today in rehearsals there were unfortunately a few spats occurred!!   But don't worry it was all in the name of giving you one of the most exciting pantos you will ever have seen.  Here are a couple of sneaky vids to wet your whistle with.

That Fella in the pink leggings is a bit fierce I wouldn't cross him!

And meanwhile in another part of the room an evil old temptress (now I know what you are thinking but Martyn Knight and his alter egos were nowhere to be found)  was tricking an innocent princess type into following her into the forest.  Well actually Francesca and Karen were rehearsing a scene.  I get a bit carried away sometimes and think it's all real.  Mind you come next Friday it will all be oh so real.

And finally a shot of our illustrious lord and master Mr Chris Jordan imparting some of his wise words to an actor struggling there way through a scene.  "Ok Dame Vera can we do that again only this time be better!!!"  TTFN

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  1. just came back from the panto. Laugh out loud brilliant and 7yr old Oliver, who went on stage was thrilled to find the poster in his goody bag had been SIGNED by all the cast