Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Well another day, another few scenes blocked and many a tune tuned.  Aunty Sarah was particularly hard worked today trying to teach us all the big production numbers (and there are many) and especially one particular number which has about 723 key changes in it!!  Never fear we will get through it together!  Anyway it was still amazing fun and something I love doing especially all the intricate harmonies.  Some are more harmonic than others especially our monica.   Also often we are blocking scenes in one part of the complex and Sam our fabulous choreographer is drilling the dancers in another.  Check out this little video clip. 

 Also at the end of the day I came across Will and Victoria hoiking a large part of the set (see pic Below)  Check back tomorrow pantonians for more sneak pics and vids and hopefully more witty banter than I can at present manage.  TTFN

Ah!  The colour black what would the technical crews fashion advisors do without it!!
Victoria I can't
 get this door open.  Yes Will that is because it is painted on.  


  1. I can almost smell the glamour of backstage!! BRILLIANT blog, really enjoyable read : )

  2. So looking forward to the show. If you want a retired amdram-er with a penchant for photography to take some shots of rehearsals, I'd love to give it a go :)

  3. Bertie thanks for the offer but sadly we have filled that position with a certain someone and he happens to be the same bloke that pays us so we don't want to upset him now do we. Don't forget to give your name when you are coming and my lovely panto mum will do you a shout out.

  4. Thanks Anonymous for the positive comment. Mum is that you. Thanks anyway. Love to DAD x