Sunday, 20 November 2011

Dearest Pantonians

One week from now I will be tucked up in my little flat in Eastbourne probably awaiting the results of Saturday nights X Factor (get rid of Janet she is so boring!!) and also being even more excited than I already am at the prospect of starting rehearsals and meeting the rest of the cast over a custard cream and a bourbon the next day.  Hurry up time!!  Not that I am wishing my life away but just can't wait to get started.  Oh and just to reiterate any one seen my script? Chris? Anyone? One week to go and still no sign of it.  It is proving more elusive than Rainbow coloured paint and Unicorn tears!!! 

Check back soon.  Oh! and do feel free to comment as it will make me feel less like I am talking to myself in the cyber space. xx


  1. I'm reading Carl! If you want to pop into the theatre on Sunday then you'll see we will have already started on the fit-up. Of course if you do pay us a visit, don't forget to bring biscuits!

    Can't wait to see you all again, but it's quite scary how much we have to do between now and the 9th! It's going to be a wild ride... See you soon.

  2. you're not talking to yourself, we are following you, really excited can't wait to get started, see you Monday! love Eleri x

  3. James I will Definitely pop in to the theatre on Sunday and take some sneaky photos of you all fitting up. Ciao x