Monday, 28 November 2011

One of the chuckle brothers takes time out from their busy schedule to help with the set.  To me, to you, to me, to you.  Oh never mind.  Dave!!! Put the kettle on.
Oh! What a Beautiful Morning Oh! what a beautiful Day I've got a fabulous feeling panto is coming your way.

The amazing making machine that is our wonderful seamstresses.   They can sew a seam but they never stresses.

Eventually This material will be the costumes you see on stage.  I think the red may be a bit of mine.

Pantonians!!  It has begun.  The first day of rehearsals arrived and 9 hours later it has finished.  My day started with the most beautiful streaming sunlight over the sea and ended with a chance encounter with the amazing Mr Paul Debreczany And lo and behold he was actually doing some heavy lifting.  Others heed his mastery of the flat carrying.  That's not a flat like what folk live in but a piece of scenery.  Anyway it was a really good day in the rehearsal room with a complete script for the first time which was great.  It was nice to find out how the pantomime ended and let me tell you it is gonna be a super smashing great finale.  I think you will be Proud of the Mary men and all others too of course.  We sang through the final number with Aunty Sarah and let me just say she is a wonderful replacement for Uncle Rob who is off helping the unfortunate financial situation in Grease apparently.  Although I did here tell he was off on the crusades making himself useful as a battering ram!!!  Anyway it has been a long old day and a few more to come this week so I am off to partake of some sustenance and perhaps a glass or two of the local waters.  BFN 

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