Friday, 13 January 2012

Well Pantonians yesterday was a bumper panto day.  We had 2 lovely shows and then the amazing crew from Devonshire Park Theatres gave us their COD Panto.  The effort and precision with which they deliver their version of the show should be wholeheartedly applauded.  They have to have the best COD in the land.  Amazing performances from Adam M, Lou H, Luffer, Doug, Paul D, Adam B, Dan, Will, Victoria and the rest.  I have not laughed so much in ages and they were also raising money for the RNLI which is great.  Then we went to The Buccaneer and there was some rather inebriated Karaoke that ensued.  No names mentioned!!!!  All in all a really brilliant evening.  We just have the one show today and then it's off to Laser Quest.  The social calendar is really quite full this week for us pantoers.  This may well be my penultimate blog for this year as Sunday is our final show.  I will I am sure have things to tell about that but until then. TTFN


  1. my daughter Tyme loved the show the second time much more than the first as she got to meet her first crush and go on stage too...not bad for the grand old age of 4...we waited outside to get a photo but you had disapppeared across the tennis courts to your car...we will be there next year for sure!!! lol. Thank you man in red tights!!!

  2. Thanks Tam and it was a pleasure to meet Tyme too. Until the next time Tyme xx